Mother, Recognize Symptoms of Choking Babies and How to Handle it Right

Even though it looks simple, choking on a baby is dangerous if it's too late to handle. Choking can block some or even the entire respiratory tract. Choking babies will look difficult to breath, until they lose consciousness. Babies are often choked by small objects, including food and drink, because of the habit of cuddling and the baby's ability to chew imperfect food. Moreover, the baby's respiratory tract is still very small. That is why, it is important for Mother and Father to know how to deal with choking in infants, so that they can handle it immediately before it is fatal. Recognize the Causes and Symptoms of Choking Babies In addition to watching over the child's behavior while eating or drinking, Mother also needs to be aware of objects that have the potential to make a baby choke, for example coins, balloons, small parts of toys, to battery stones. In addition, there are also several health conditions that can make a baby more at risk of choking, such
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